Ref 2023-11 Geronimo Brewer Pain & Patience
Style New England IPA Type Beer, all-grain
Started Fri 24th Nov 23 OG 1.048 Status Archived
Packaged Mon 11th Dec 23 Fermenter Fermzilla 5 PSI
Handle 2023-11 Geronimo
Brewer Pain & Patience
Style New England IPA
Type Beer, all-grain
Fermenter Fermzilla
Status Archived
Started Fri 24th Nov 23 OG 1.048
Packaged Mon 11th Dec 23

My sixth go at this recipe, and the first time using the new recirculation manifold. I’m also under-pitching more aggressively now and fermenting at lower pressure, hoping to tease more flavour from the Hornindal Kveik. Tracking via Brewfather.

Milestones & Tasks

Jan 16 -149dAll gone
Dec 11 -185dKegged 20 litres
Dec 08 -188dStarted cold-crashing
Dec 05 -191dDry-hopped
Nov 24 -202dStarted primary fermentation
Jan 202416Tue

Just drained the last of the overflow keg. Hop flavour has been declining sharply over the last couple of weeks to be honest, and by the end it was just a rather average pale instead of the spectacular NEIPA that we started out with. Looks as though the best we can hope for is about 2 weeks, even with diligent purging.

36 days
Dec 202311Mon

Fairly standard high-hop kegging day; purged Corny, gravity transfer from base switching to floating dip tube once the base filter clogged. Managed to get about 4 litres into an MJ Mini for portable party deployment, the rest is about 16 litres into a Corny keg. Off to the brew fridge at 15 PSI of pure CO2.

3 days
3 days
Dec 202305Tue

Added dry-hops as per schedule late tonight, fresh off the ferry from Big Island. According to Brewfather (and fermenting to calendar rather than readings) I should have done this yesterday, but primary took longer than planned to start so I think we’ll be OK.

What I did however was to switch off the heater, as I can’t see any reason to stick to 34℃ just for the dry-hopping. Will start cold-crashing 3 days from now, should get to zero after one day later and then I’ll let it hang for another day or two.

11 days
Nov 202324Fri

Second brew with the new recirculation manifold, and once again it was an educational experience. Just like Yeti X I wanted to get away with one stir of the mash at the start, but with a kilo of oats in here it was just too gloopy, and I had to add some rice hulls on the fly, then give it a gentle stir now and then. Just as well this style isn’t supposed to be clear.

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