Bernsdorfer TTZ

Ref 2023-12 Bernsdorfer Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Kölsch Type Beer, all-grain
Started Fri 22nd Dec 23 OG 1.053 Status Conditioning
Packaged Fermenter Fermzilla 8 PSI
Handle 2023-12 Bernsdorfer
Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Kölsch
Type Beer, all-grain
Fermenter Fermzilla
Status Conditioning
Started Fri 22nd Dec 23 OG 1.053

Third go at this recipe, and the first attempt at a light beer with new Brewtools recirculation manifold. Tracking in Brewfather.

Milestones & Tasks

Jan 11 -104dKegged 19 litres
Jan 06 -109dStarted cold-crashing
Dec 22 -124dStarted primary fermentation
Dec 21 -125dPrepared starter
Jan 202411Thu

I just put away a full 19 litre keg using standard gravity transfer into a purged Corny. There looked to be about 2 or 3 litres left over, but instead of going for a second mini keg I just dumped it into a plastic PET bottle. No issues.

5 days
15 days
Dec 202322Fri

Good brew day today with no hiccups and nothing unusual to report. 100g of rice hulls seemed perfect amount, sprinkled in from a separate tub at regular intervals during dough-in, maintaining flow perfectly through mashing and allowing mash temperature to get close to kettle temperature quite quickly.

Speedy Sparge

As a downside the sparge ran quite quickly, and this got me thinking: if HSA is to be minimised or even avoided, do I need to raise the malt pipe fully before I start the sparge? If I had a winch then I could bring the malt up while the sparge is in progress, getting to a point where we have just half an inch submerged when the HLT is empty, and eliminating a good amount of splashing. Unfortunately I don’t have a winch, but since we’re only talking about 40 litres here we should be able to knock up some kind of removable frame arrangement. Food for thought.

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1 day
Dec 202321Thu

Just logging this retrospectively to note that the starter was produced almost exactly 24 hours before pitching, spending roughly half that time on the stir plate. When the spinner was switched off there was a small amount of foam but that disappeared and it all looked pretty dead, except for some occasional yeasty bubbles coming up from the bottom. Once pitched, fermentation started within seven hours – I’ll take that.