Ref 2023-08 Geronimo Brewer Pain & Patience
Style New England IPA Type Beer, all-grain
Started Fri 11th Aug 23 OG 1.060 Status Archived, 5.4% ABV
Packaged Sun 20th Aug 23 FG 1.019 Fermenter Fermzilla 8 PSI
Handle 2023-08 Geronimo
Brewer Pain & Patience
Style New England IPA
Type Beer, all-grain
Fermenter Fermzilla
Status Archived, 5.4% ABV ABV
Started Fri 11th Aug 23 OG 1.060
Packaged Sun 20th Aug 23 FG 1.019

Surprisingly this is already my fish go at this recipe, and I’m still refining it. Using Hornindal instead of the planned Voss this time due to a small inventory error, but it’s started off all right. Tracking in Brewfather.

Milestones & Tasks

Aug 26 -270dFirst Taste
Aug 20 -276dKegged approximately 21 litres
Aug 17 -279dStarted cold-crashing
Aug 14 -282dDry-hopped
Aug 11 -285dStarted Primary
Aug 202326Sat

Yep, that’s good. Carbonation is OK but will be fine with another couple of days, mouthfeel good. Nice hoppy character. Nose could be a bit more bunny, but at least cold-crashing has removed all traces of yeast. Need to get this one drunk quick before it fades!

6 days
Aug 202320Sun

I just filled one sanitised, purged Cornelius keg and hoped to get another 2 or 3 litres into an MJ Mini, but as soon as I started transferring to the second vessel it became clear that there was mostly just hops left over. In the end I think we got just over a litre into the second keg, which was hardly worth bothering with.

#wisdom: when kegging a hop-forward brew like Geronimo, FV volume of 21 litres is about right for a 19 litre Corny.

3 days
3 days
Aug 202314Mon

This really isn’t going anywhere since fermentation appears to have finished after about 36 hours from pitching, so roughly 24 hours of actual fermentation.

Rather than let it sit on the spent yeast for another 4 days I closed the butterfly valve, gently de-pressurised, and chucked in the remaining hops before fitting the floating dip-tube and re-pressurising to 15 PSI ready for chilling in 4 days time. Normally we see some fermentation re-start with the hops, and as the vessel is already pressurised I’m hoping that any CO2 produced will help remove any oxygen that was introduced by my carefree approach to dry-hopping from the top.

Classic example of first chiller then heater cutting in as fermentation starts then slows
3 days
Aug 202311Fri

A good brew day today; nothing major went wrong (except for being unexpectedly out of Voss) and I seem to have exceeded my numbers in spectacular fashion, with a mash efficiency of 106% and a brewhouse efficiency (so far) of 83%. Holy cow! It did need constant stirring however, and next time around I’ll put in more rice hulls for sure. Maybe double.

Under-pitching Hornindal went well, and fermentation started almost exactly 04:00 the next morning, which I seem to remember was the case with Voss last time around. High Krausen was early afternoon, and, unusually, the top had completely cleared by 23:00 the same day. That’s weird. I’m doing some more reading up on Kveik and might just end up finishing this one much earlier than planned. Will think about it.

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