Ref 2022-07 Leftover Pale Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Pale Ale Type Beer, all-grain
Started Mon 11th Jul 22 OG 1.050 Status Archived, 5.5% ABV
Packaged Sat 23rd Jul 22 FG 1.008 Fermenter Fermzilla 10 PSI
Handle 2022-07 Leftover Pale
Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Pale Ale
Type Beer, all-grain
Fermenter Fermzilla
Status Archived, 5.5% ABV ABV
Started Mon 11th Jul 22 OG 1.050
Packaged Sat 23rd Jul 22 FG 1.008

A fusion of Pilsener and Pale Ale for a visiting friend. Tracking in Brewfather.

Milestones & Tasks

Jul 23 -669dKegged 22 litres
Jul 20 -672dStarted cold-crashing
Jul 18 -674dDry-hopped 20g Centennial, 14.5g Magnum
Jul 11 -681dStarted Primary
Jul 202228Thu

I just pulled a pint from the main 19l Corny keg, and there’s quite a good head on it with plenty of body underneath. With that it’s been 5 days at 15 PSI of pure CO2, and it’s just about perfect.

Oops! It’s OK really…
4 days
Jul 202224Sun

I didn’t want to leave it too long before dipping a beak into this one; typical carbonation time from scratch is one week at 10 PSI, but we fermented at 10 PSI and it’s been at 15 for 24 hours now. That said I’m pleased that there’s some bubbles and a bit of body, good hop aroma and taste, with a very slight hint of yeast as well. The latter isn’t entirely unexpected since I’m drawing this from the 5 litre overspill keg which essentially contains the dregs from the fermenter, and is purely there as a carbonation budgie. So far so good.

1 day
Jul 202223Sat

I was extra diligent at avoiding DO contamination today and flushed the 19 litre Cornelius keg with ChemSan and CO2, purged the gas transfer line with CO2, and purged the beer transfer line with beer from the FV. Half a crushed Campden tablet was also added to the 19 litre keg in order to cut down any oxidation.

The 19 litre keg was filled to around 18.5 litres, and another 5 litre keg (not purged with CO2) was filled to just over 2 litres. That second one will be my testbed to see how the carbonation gets along, and I’ve hooked them both up to pure CO2 at 15 PSI. Will check back soon to see how we’re getting along.

3 days
2 days
Jul 202218Mon

I’m not due to dry-hop this one for another 4 days but fermentation appears to be well and truly over now, so lets get those hops in there and get the brew off that dead yeast 4 days sooner. I used a new method to do this today, more details here.

7 days
Jul 202211Mon

Fairly standard brew day with nothing unusual to report, and only one small mistake: left the HLT control valve closed after sparging and wondered why the pump temperature wasn’t going up despite the heaters being on full. Oops. No damage to pump though, seems I was lucky.

In other news I wasn’t even close to hitting my numbers, possibly due to the age of some of the base malts. Post-boil gravity was near enough however despite being several litres short, so I topped it up using bottled mineral water on the basis that I didn’t want a 5.9% brew anyhow, and would much rather have a sessionable keg.

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