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Dec 202209Fri

It’s been 7 days in the keg at 4℃, 15 PSI, and both texture and flavour are fine. There’s a very slight yeasty aroma and the meniscus clings to the glass a little bit, but I’m putting the former down to this being the first pint and me having just repositioned the keg, the latter is probably down to the same and also it being a fairly big brew. Cheers!

Mar 202127Sat

This one was supposed to be ready 7 days ago, and now that I’ve sampled the first one across that long-awaited finishing line I’m happy to say that there’s enough carbonation … but also some odd green flavours, a bit like the first Evil Dog. Not sure if this needs a bit longer or if it’s oxidisation, but right now it feels as though three of these will be the start of a great hangover. Let’s give it another month.

Brewferm Wheat Tripel
Mar 202103Wed

These should have been in the cold for 3 weeks now, let’s see how they’ve developed.

Update 02 March: there are only 3 bottles left. To think I could sit on something this good! Will definitely repeat this recipe at some point in the nearby future, this time using Citra (as planned!) for the dry-hop.

Feb 202124Wed

It’s been 14 days in the cold, should have cleared enough by now to risk taking a sip or two.

Update 02 March: this was supposed to be ready on 24 Feb, but because I’m a pig I’d already necked a couple by that point and given away a couple more since.

All partakers alive and well. 😁

Feb 202119Fri

Three weeks of conditioning should be enough – crack one open!

Update 02 March: I’m seven bottles in now and have just opened an eighth, this time choosing a yellow cap and opening it over the sink in view of my note-to-self made at bottling time. Carbonation was indeed more than necessary but by no means a gusher, and the amount of citrus is just right. I don’t think I could drink more than a pint of this on any given night, but the landlady reckons its fine; not too bitter but a bit on the fizzy side.

Question is, will it hold? I’ve heard that the fruity kit beers are best consumed early because the character fades quickly with time. We’ll have to wait and see.

Jan 202127Wed

Well, apparently these are now ‘ready’ but from the two I’ve sneaked down my neck so far I think we have a dud. Can’t really be sure until we sample the rest of this small batch, but there appears to be an issue with carbonation.

To be continued …

Jan 202122Fri

Summer Turbo. What can I say? It’s like a cider for millennials who don’t like apple. Lots of sugar, plenty of alcohol. Carbonation is spot-on for this type of drink, taste is 100% synthetic instagram-inflatable with no off-flavours and no twang. The Mitsubishi Evo of home made alco-pops, the Subaru of home-brew. I like this very much, but in a quiet, personal kind of way. Dirty and unapologetic. Back of the closet.

A success? Possibly … can’t seem to remember the criteria right now. Anyone seen my pants?

Jan 202120Wed

After 10 days of conditioning I can safely say that Mangrove Jack’s Dry-Hopped Cider is a resounding success. It’s as sweet as it needs to be (maybe add marginally less sweetener next time?) with no twang, no syrupy finish, and an indefinable, magic ‘green’ quality that just has to be the hops. This will be the best thing in the world on a hot summer’s day, on the beach, with a bucket of ice and something nice to look at. Cheers!

Jan 202120Wed

Popped one of these last night and must say it was very nice; great fruity flavour with only a very slight syrupy finish that will probably abate over the coming weeks – after all it’s only been 2 weeks since these were bottled.

What was most impressive was the lasting level of carbonation – absolutely perfect for a cider drink that’s served straight from the fridge over ice. I note that two Easybrew carbonation drops were used per bottle, so I’m now a little worried about those brews I’ve bottled since where I’ve used more than the recommended amount. Let’s hope I’ve not created any gushers!

Jan 202105Tue

There’s absolutely no airlock activity here (probably means nothing on these vessels anyway) so I check gravity just now and noted 1.004 – coming in at a healthy 5.78% ABV. I can’t see this dropping any further, so I added the flavour sachet as instructed and gave it a gentle stir. Will bottle tomorrow after the yeast has settled back down.