Bure Gold

Ref 2021-05 Bure Gold Brewer Woodforde's
Style Golden Ale Type Beer, kit
Started Tue 11th May 21 OG 1.044 Status Archived, 4.6% ABV
Packaged Mon 24th May 21 FG 1.009 Fermenter Plastic Bucket
Handle 2021-05 Bure Gold
Brewer Woodforde's
Style Golden Ale
Type Beer, kit
Fermenter Plastic Bucket
Status Archived, 4.6% ABV ABV
Started Tue 11th May 21 OG 1.044
Packaged Mon 24th May 21 FG 1.009

Another go at this one, this time using a standard plastic brew bucket and no temperature control in order to get something together quickly for the shooting competition we’re sponsoring in July.

Will be interesting to see if this turns out as good as the version we made in the Fermzilla a while back.

Milestones & Tasks

Jun 24 -1115dFirst taste: still some twang
Jun 01 -1138dStart conditioning
May 24 -1146dBottled 41 gold crown caps
May 22 -1148dStarted cold-crashing
May 16 -1154dAdded 10g Cascade and 10g Amarillo
May 11 -1159dStarted Primary
Jun 202124Thu

Yeah … not that great. I had hoped that the small amount of twang that I noted on my last (undocumented) taste would have conditioned out by now, but it’s still there on the periphery. Doesn’t ruin the beer, but it’s nowhere near as clean and crisp as the draught version. Hope it goes down well when we hand it out just under two week’s time.

23 days
Jun 202101Tue

Bure Gold moved out to the garage today, but it’s not as cool in there as it has been of late due to a mini-heatwave over our late May Bank Holiday. Still, got to be better than being up in the server room.

All bottles appeared to be perfectly clear, with a little sediment in the bottom. Looking good.

8 days
May 202124Mon

Put away 41 gold crown-capped 500 ml bottles this afternoon. I was going to use the Beer Gun again but the plastic FV doesn’t have a spigot, and the racking cane wouldn’t fit onto the gun. Instead I used the cane with usual bottling rod and purged the bottles before and after with CO2, so perhaps the results will be as good as the Beer Gun anyway. I’m quite happy with the layout of this bottling station now; priming, filling, and capping six at a time seems to be a good number.

Gravity was measured at 1.010 / 14℃ which equates to 1.009 and 4.6% ABV. Happy with that. Carbonation via 5 ml Dextrose per bottle, off to the server room for a week at around 25℃.

2 days
May 202122Sat

In a rush – not much to note. Set it into the ferment fridge once Yeti stopped cold-crashing today, dialled in 4℃ with the sensor taped to the outside of the plastic bucket. Fitted Bag Thing full of CO2, reduced temperature further to 2.0℃ a little later.

6 days
May 202116Sun

Added the included 10g of Amarillo and 10g of Cascade by opening the brew bucket lid and pouring them on top. Krausen had been and gone but there were a couple of large bubbles still hanging about on the surface, with some occasional small bubbles rising to the top from somewhere beneath. Nice light colour, no iffy smells.

I do wonder if the instructions call for dry-hopping on day four so as to play it safe in terms of oxidisation, relying on the tail-end of fermentation to produce enough CO2 to combat any oxygen that’s introduced by simply pouring in hop pellets, and if a more considered application at a later date would yield better flavour and aroma. Then again it may just be the way that this beer has always been brewed, so I don’t want to tinker too much, but couldn’t resist going one day later with the finishing hops.

5 days
May 202111Tue

Not much to add really, OG came in between 1.043 and 1.044, and I’m using a plastic bucket because these are going to be bottled and given away at a shooting competition, not carbonated and put in a keg. Yeast pitched at 21.5℃. No temperature control because the ferment fridge is busy finishing off Yeti, not sure whether I’ll cold crash and rack to another FV before dry-hopping.

Logging with blue Tilt Pro to cloud here.