Ref 2022-03 Yeti Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Imperial Stout Type Beer, all-grain
Started Tue 1st Mar 22 OG 1.071 Status Archived
Packaged Tue 8th Mar 22 Fermenter SS 25 litre bucket
Handle 2022-03 Yeti
Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Imperial Stout
Type Beer, all-grain
Fermenter SS 25 litre bucket
Status Archived
Started Tue 1st Mar 22 OG 1.071
Packaged Tue 8th Mar 22

Another go at what’s becoming a perennial favourite: Yeti Imperial Stout. This time I’m changing the recipe slightly since I’m half a kilo short when it comes to base malts – substitution made though I don’t expect it’ll make much of a difference. Tracking via Brewfather.

Milestones & Tasks

Mar 08 -806dFilled 19 litre Corny keg
Mar 06 -808dStarted cold-crashing
Mar 01 -813dStarted primary fermentation
Mar 202208Tue

Adding this entry in retrospect because I was in a rush at the time and forgot to do it. Nothing spectacular to add really, gravity transfer from FV after cold-crashing, then into the kegerator for conditioning. I had to switch the CO2 out for 70/30 Brew-gas thanks to a supply shortage and cranked the pressure up from my usual 13 PSI to 25 PSI, but I doubt this will be enough to carbonate Yeti successfully. Oh well, at least it’s in the chiller while I think about my options.

2 days
Mar 202206Sun

I know I’m a good 9 days early here, but fermentation has been flat-lining here for 2.5 days and I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere, so I’m cold-crashing now and will bottle it after it’s been chilled for 24 hours. We’re away on a trip next week and it’s a case of do this now or have the apparently finished brew sit on dead yeast for another seven days, so let’s take a punt and hope that 24 hours is enough to draw out anything still floating about. Bag-thing fitted, Inkbird set for 1.0℃.

2 days
3 days
Mar 202201Tue

Bit of an odd one this. I was 500g short of Golden Promise so I substituted Clear Choice Ale and tweaked the other ingredients a little bit to realign my values, still ending up almost 1% ABV short of the previous version. When it came to brew day I also came in 9 points low against the predicted 1.080 but that’s to be expected because I sparged with around 2 litres instead of the recommended 0.75 in an effort to overcome the usual losses and because I don’t mind losing a little ABV on this one.

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1 day
Feb 202228Mon

Nothing extravagant here, the usual starter knocked up ahead of brew day in my large Erlenmeyer flask. 1.5 litres water, 184g dark DME, boiled for 20 minutes along with some Lipohop and yeast nutrients. I added the magnetic stir-bar for the last 5 minutes in order to sterilise it, and it’s amazing how much more foam is generated from there on in – almost enough to overwhelm the Lipohop.

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