Bambi's Revenge

Ref 2020-09 Bambi's Revenge Brewer Farmer Jim's
Style Experimental Type Perry
Started Thu 24th Sep 20 OG 1.046 Status Archived, 5.4% ABV
Packaged Wed 25th Nov 20 FG 1.005 Fermenter Plastic Bucket
Handle 2020-09 Bambi's Revenge
Brewer Farmer Jim's
Style Experimental
Type Perry
Fermenter Plastic Bucket
Status Archived, 5.4% ABV ABV
Started Thu 24th Sep 20 OG 1.046
Packaged Wed 25th Nov 20 FG 1.005

First go at making Perry, if only to get rid of the massive amount of pears that tagged on to the back of the apple harvest this year.

Dec 202009Wed

Decided I was tired of looking at these eight precious bottles and not being able to open one, so I moved it from the brewery to the garage 2 days earlier than planned. Let’s see how quickly she clears up, because I can’t wait to try one.

14 days
Nov 202025Wed

This hasn’t been moving in quite a while and I don’t want to ruin it with further experiments or tertiary fermentation. Tested out at 1.005 and a good deal sweeter than the cider we pressed around the same time, but I’m still going to add varying amounts of non-fermenting sugar at bottling because I see perry as a dessert drink, not a session quaffer. Pleasant hints of bubbles on the palate, and I’m going to improve that further with some carbonation. There were just eight individually numbered bottles in this batch:

  1. Unsweetened
  2. Unsweetened
  3. 10 ml Erythritol
  4. 10 ml Erythritol
  5. 15 ml Erythritol
  6. 15 ml Erythritol
  7. 15 ml Xylitol
  8. 15 ml Xylitol

2 Fox’s carbonation drops (target = 500ml) were also added to each bottle.

6 days
Nov 202019Thu

Bubbling has slowed over the past few days and the collar of small, bright bubbles reduced to nothing. SG measured at 1.005 today, taste is OK but might need a little Xylitol / Erythritol to boost the sweetness before bottling. Will measure it again this weekend and if it hasn’t shifted then it’s going in a bottle. I’m not sure how much alcohol we’ll end up with since two stages of fermentation were involved, but at the very worst case scenario I think we can use 1.046 > 1.005 = 5.38%.

24 days
9 days
Oct 202017Sat

Things started happening again pretty much within a few hours of adding that yeast. Now that it’s been a day we’re seeing small bubbles fizzing to the surface and the airlock is popping almost every second. It’s clear that the addition of sugar and yeast can stir the most inert of potions back into life, with this one I’m going to monitor until the bubbling starts to slow down and then taste the result, ideally stopping it with a Campden tablet if it’s within 1.006 gravity and bottling it.

1 day
Oct 202016Fri

24 hours after adding more sugar and nothing’s happening – no bubbling in the airlock, no bubbles or foam to be seen. Adding 1 level teaspoon of wine yeast straight to liquid in demijohn in an effort to get things going again. 

1 day
Oct 202015Thu

Measured gravity at 1.009 and decanted into a fresh demijohn, leaving behind about a quarter pint of mostly sludge. Tasted a bit rough and seeing as there’s clearly a bit of yeast left we added 250g of white sugar dissolved in warm water, replacing the liquid that was lost along with the sludge and hopefully giving the remaining yeast another chance to produce more alcohol. If not then at least it’ll be sweeter, though we can’t bottle it until specific gravity reaches 1.006 and it was 3 points over before we added the sugar. Will leave it a couple of days to see what happens.

1 day
2 days
6 days
Oct 202006Tue

Bubbling slowed to one every 5 seconds, foam bubbles seem smaller. Perhaps this is due to the spare bedroom and bathroom having been closed off now that the heating is back on in the rest of the house, dropping the temperature in the spare rooms slightly to 16.5 degrees. Since there’s clearly still some activity I’m moving the demijohn into my office, where it’s now 20 degrees with underfloor heating. It’s being stored on the floor inside the base from a plastic filing box, just in case.

9 days
1 day
1 day
1 day