Ref 2022-11 Yeti Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Imperial Stout Type Beer, all-grain
Started Thu 24th Nov 22 OG 1.071 Status In Progress
Packaged Fermenter SS 25 litre bucket
Handle 2022-11 Yeti
Brewer Pain & Patience
Style Imperial Stout
Type Beer, all-grain
Fermenter SS 25 litre bucket
Status In Progress
Started Thu 24th Nov 22 OG 1.071

Another go at a favourite recipe, and the first since a revision of my hardware profile in Brewfather eliminated volume losses during mashing. Unfortunately the improved GAR (Grain Absorption Rate) meant that volume was capped on this big beer due to mash volume limits, and sub-optimal mash efficiency led to me missing my target OG.

Milestones & Tasks

Nov 24 -5dStarted primary fermentation
Nov 202224Thu

Bit of a mixed bag on this one. While making the starter on Tuesday I was pushing my luck with 1.6 litres of water and 184g DME, adding a good dollop of Lipohop to keep from boiling over, but forgetting to throw in any yeast nutrients. When it was time to sterilise the magnetic stir bar I forgot to take the Erlenmeyer flask off the boil, and as soon as the little white pill hit the boiling wort it ejected violently all over the hob, losing about 200 ml of volume. I went on to make the starter anyway, but let’s not do that again.

#wisdom: don’t throw stir-bar directly into boiling wort

I measured out the grain on the evening before the brew day, and only afterwards noted that the recipe I was following was based against the old B40 equipment profile, before I adjusted GAR. Switching to the updated profile in Brewfather caused the grain amounts to adjust in order to hit the same 23 litres fermenter target, which in any event went through the mash limits. I so reduced the target to 18.5 litres (now only 140 ml over) and reset the grain bill to what had already been measured and mixed, which should see me hit 10% ABV all being well.

All wasn’t well, and despite being pretty much spot-on with my volumes throughout the day I wasn’t able to extract as much from the mash as I’d hoped, ending up 13 points short of my pre-boil gravity and 18 points short on OG. So no fermenter top-up today.

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