Ref 2023-09 Renaissance Brewer Farmer Jim's
Style English Cider Type Cider
Started Tue 26th Sep 23 OG 1.047 Status Available
Packaged Sun 15th Oct 23 Fermenter SS 10 litre Bucket
Handle 2023-09 Renaissance
Brewer Farmer Jim's
Style English Cider
Type Cider
Fermenter SS 10 litre Bucket
Status Available
Started Tue 26th Sep 23 OG 1.047
Packaged Sun 15th Oct 23

Our first attempt at fermentation using real cider apples! The harvest was small so we’ve only got about 18 litres this year, and I’m playing around with 10 of them. Tracking via Google Sheets.

Milestones & Tasks

Jan 18 -91dFirst taste from Keg
Oct 15 -186dBottled & Kegged
Oct 09 -192dStarted cold-crashing
Sep 28 -203dFermentation started
Sep 27 -204dPitched WLP775
Sep 26 -205dPressed 18 litres
Jan 202418Thu

Cracked open the 10 litre MJ keg this evening, and it’s good. There’s a little bit of sweetness there, but also a nice tang, and practically none of the naffness that we had from the dessert apples. It’s drinkable in its own right, and I wonder how it would fare with a touch of flavouring (blueberry, etc) or a bit more sugar.

As for mouth-feel, it’s difficult to know how much CO2 / Beer Gas this was been exposed to since kegging, but right now it’s slightly sparkling, which works well with the dry | sweet balance. Any more bubbles and it would highlight the tartness, less and it would just be flat. Not a bad effort.

95 days
Oct 202315Sun

Approximately 8 litres went into a 10 litre MJ mini keg which was then put on 15 PSI brew gas, think it’s 70/30 mixture. Not really too bothered if this doesn’t add any carbonation, I’m just keen to get it out of the fermentor and put away.

I also bottled 6 or 8 plain 330 ml lager bottles, each with 30 ml Erythritol and one carbonation drop. The sugar was poured straight in and hadn’t really dissolved when I checked a week later, but the carbonation drops were gone. Let’s leave these alone for a couple of months and see what happens.

6 days
11 days
Sep 202328Thu

I’m seeing bubbles from the airlock every few seconds, the Tilt is reporting activity, and Inkbird has just switched on the chiller, indicating that fermentation is producing heat in the FV. We’re approximately 24 hours after pitching and I’m glad to see that the Campden tablets we added two days ago haven’t affected the yeast. Now we just wait.

1 day
1 day
Sep 202326Tue

Managed to squeeze 18 litres out of our fist pure cider apple harvest, took 10 litres home and set them off in my SS Brewtech 10 litre bucket along with 1 litre of dessert apple juice, also from today’s pressing. The yeast hasn’t arrived yet so I added one crushed Campden tablet to slow things down.

Farmer Jim measured his half of the batch with a traditional hydrometer and saw 1.048, so I’m going to run with my calibrated Tilt’s reading of 1.047.