Dec 202202Fri

Kegged 17.5 Litres

SG 1.017 3.0℃ kegging

I just put away around 17.5 litres into a 19 litre Corny keg, gently purged with CO2 but not filled with sanitiser first – doesn’t seem to be a lot of point with this brew as there aren’t too many hops. Transfer method was standard gravity, purged the liquid lines too but left the top off the FV and didn’t feed gas back in. My thinking is that the top half an inch is left behind in the vessel anyway, so if that’s exposed to O2 then what the hell. The brew was cold-crashed to 3.0℃ (wouldn’t go any lower – strange) for a day. Putting on CO2 in the brew fridge at 15 PSI because I’m impatient.