Apr 202111Sun

Target exceeded, but that Krausen …

SG 1.005 19.3℃ krausen

Twisty Listy has surpassed target FG of 1.008 with 5 days still to go and is presently sitting at 1.005, which will give 4.3% and pushes the limit for a session IPA in my opinion. But that’s not the main cause for concern.

Twisty Listy nine days into Primary

No, I’m more worried about the unusual amount of Krausen that’s still hanging around. There’s been no change in the beige blanket of snotty foam in 5 days now, and I’m used to seeing it clear up when the bulk of fermentation is done, so probably around 6 April on the graph above. There’s obviously still life in the yeast because FG keeps edging lower, but I’d be more comfortable if the Krausen receded too. Not that there’s anything I can do at this stage, will just have to write it off to a learning experience using this new style of yeast.