Apr 202106Tue

Listy slowing down?

SG 1.012 18.3℃

Fermentation seems to have slowed up visibly ever since I added pressure three days ago and the gravity chart in Brewfather has been flattening out at 1.012 for 24 hours, a good way off the 1.008 FG I was expecting for an ABV of 3.8%. Admittedly we’ve still got 10 days left to run (not allowing for short-cuts due to pressure) but there’s also quite a bit of Krausen still present and I’m used to that being gone when fermentation’s apparently over.

Twisty Listy four days into Primary

On a positive note, clarity is very good with just about everything having dropped out of suspension and the brew has reverted back to a lovely dark gold colour. Wish there were some more small bubbles though, it’s just clear brew sitting beneath an ominous layer of Krausen.


It’s just dawned on me that not only is the temperature inside the FV dropping off with reduced activity, we’ve also been experiencing an unusual cold snap these past few days; three days ago we’re hiking in T-shirts now it’s snowed overnight for the second time and the pond’s frozen over. The wind direction hasn’t helped either, with north-westerlies blasting arctic air straight at the brewery. Room temperature is 18.3℃ and for the first time since starting this brew I’m getting the same reading from the Tilt, and since we’re aiming for 19℃ inside the vessel it’s probably fair to say that some of the reduction in activity could be down to temperature. Switching on the towel rail for a few days, moving SS Mini Bucket (Foxdale Gold) outside.

I really need to get myself a fermentation fridge set up, there’s no way that beer quality can not be affected with the vessel bouncing between 23 and 18℃.