Aug 202314Mon

Dry Hopped Geronimo V

SG 1.017 33.5℃ hops

This really isn’t going anywhere since fermentation appears to have finished after about 36 hours from pitching, so roughly 24 hours of actual fermentation.

Rather than let it sit on the spent yeast for another 4 days I closed the butterfly valve, gently de-pressurised, and chucked in the remaining hops before fitting the floating dip-tube and re-pressurising to 15 PSI ready for chilling in 4 days time. Normally we see some fermentation re-start with the hops, and as the vessel is already pressurised I’m hoping that any CO2 produced will help remove any oxygen that was introduced by my carefree approach to dry-hopping from the top.

Classic example of first chiller then heater cutting in as fermentation starts then slows