Aug 202311Fri

Started Primary Fermentation

SG 1.043 34℃ started

A good brew day today; nothing major went wrong (except for being unexpectedly out of Voss) and I seem to have exceeded my numbers in spectacular fashion, with a mash efficiency of 106% and a brewhouse efficiency (so far) of 83%. Holy cow! It did need constant stirring however, and next time around I’ll put in more rice hulls for sure. Maybe double.

Under-pitching Hornindal went well, and fermentation started almost exactly 04:00 the next morning, which I seem to remember was the case with Voss last time around. High Krausen was early afternoon, and, unusually, the top had completely cleared by 23:00 the same day. That’s weird. I’m doing some more reading up on Kveik and might just end up finishing this one much earlier than planned. Will think about it.

Brew Day Notes

0600 Start dough-in and chemicals

0620 Dough-in done, start mash rest

0700 Start mashing

0715 Very thick and cloying. Maybe try more rice hulls next time? Almost constant stirring needed.

From Squirrel net: G6PHF – brewer in Lancaster! (accidental brewery)

0842 Start sparge.

0852 Sparge complete, letting it drip for a few minutes while heating to boil.

0910 Malt pipe washed, heaters back to 100% for boil. Kettle volume 28.75 litres (pipe out, expected 28.86), SG 1.057 (1.030 @ 77.9℃, expected 1.044) Jesus! Are we really 13 points high?!?

0920 Boil tracker started, 20 minute additions in.

1005 About to drop in chiller coil and Trubinator for sanitising. Levels before 26.5, after 25.25. SG 1.063 (1.030 @ 87.5℃) against expected 1.048. Wow. May do a fermenter top-up based on post-transfer volume. 

1030 Starting hop-stand for 30 minutes. Additions in.

1100 Starting chill to 32℃ for pitching. Tank now at 90℃, return temperature around 55℃.

1110 Almost down to 35℃ return, and kettle volume overall is dropping, maybe 24.25 litres now. Nothing’s being lost, so is this just contraction?

1115 Starting transfer to FV.

1135 Stopping transfer with probably 2 litres left in the kettle, FV showing 20 litres including chiller contents. SG 1.060, adding 2 litres mineral water for 22 litres volume, 1.056 OG. Should come out at 6% ABV.

Trubinator worked well