Nov 202025Wed

Bottled Bambi’s Revenge

SG 1.005 bottling

This hasn’t been moving in quite a while and I don’t want to ruin it with further experiments or tertiary fermentation. Tested out at 1.005 and a good deal sweeter than the cider we pressed around the same time, but I’m still going to add varying amounts of non-fermenting sugar at bottling because I see perry as a dessert drink, not a session quaffer. Pleasant hints of bubbles on the palate, and I’m going to improve that further with some carbonation. There were just eight individually numbered bottles in this batch:

  1. Unsweetened
  2. Unsweetened
  3. 10 ml Erythritol
  4. 10 ml Erythritol
  5. 15 ml Erythritol
  6. 15 ml Erythritol
  7. 15 ml Xylitol
  8. 15 ml Xylitol

2 Fox’s carbonation drops (target = 500ml) were also added to each bottle.