Jan 202207Fri

First Taste: Mostly Maris

4.0℃ tasting

This has been conditioning for 10 days now and I’m interested to see how it’s getting along. Unfortunately my three taps are tied up with the last of Sarka, Farmyard Runt, and Yeti, so I’m taking this opportunity to modify the flow rate of my stainless party tap. The last time I used this tool she was just a bit lively, so I’m fitting a 10″ length of my finest 3/16 beer line in order to restrict the amount of foam produced. This worked well and I only got a little head (fnarr-fnarr) which may have been down to line temperature as much as anything else. I’ll leave it connected for now until one of the taps frees up.

Oh, and the brew? Interesting. There’s quite a lot of bittering going on, some major haze, but not as much hops on the nose as I’d like, and early any in the taste. It’s more like a traditional bitter, amplified and made cloudy than a pale ale. No complaints though. Patience reckons it’s another “sweet & sour” number, and whacks of something that’s about to turn but hasn’t got there yet. Like I said, interesting.