Feb 202301Wed

Dry-Hopped Jackknife Barber

SG 1.020 30℃ hops

Fermentation seems to have well and truly stopped since about 3 days ago, so yesterday I blipped the temperature by 2℃ to finish things off before switching off the heater altogether, and today I dry-hopped 25g Citra as per recipe.

Jackknife Barber, 8 days into Primary

It’s weird to be seeing the fermentation curve flattening out 8 points shy of FG, especially for a light beer such as this. Are we really only on for 3.8% ABV here? The upward trend (it did peak at 4.0% ABV) is also weird, and I can only assume that what we’re seeing is a combination of Tilt’s aversion to absolute readings and maybe some yeast climbing aboard near the end of the ride.

Another possible explanation is that Voss didn’t like the near-death experience when I accidentally froze the contents of my beer fridge a couple of weeks ago. Luckily my sachets of kveik were surrounded by the cold-packs it shipped in, which I’m hoping acted as thermal buffers. Certainly no untoward signs where fermentation is concerned up to now.

Let’s let the Citra stew for 2 days, then start to ramp down towards cold-crashing on Friday night. Bottling date tentatively set for Tuesday 7 Feb.