Feb 202306Mon

Kegged Jackknife Barber

SG 1.010 2.8℃ kegging

Just put away about 19 litres of this into two kegs; a 10 litre MJ Mini and the rest into a standard 19 litre Corny. Not sure why I used a full-size keg to hold just over litres but by then I’d already sanitised it, so why not.

I’m slightly disappointed to only get 19 litres from the FV when there was just over 21 to be had. The trub line wasn’t above the disconnect I’d fitted to the collection jar (light beer, sparse hopped) so I started using that to draw off, but the flow stopped 3 or 4 litres into the first keg despite adding 10 PSI using a mini CO2 cylinder. In the end I went back to the floating dip-tube, which I still haven’t weighted properly and which is therefore still not going all the way down, especially when it starts fouling the Tilt. Oh well.

On a positive note I’ve measured FG at 1.011 so we’re looking at 4.7% ABV, 0.1% above the anticipated final and that’s more than acceptable as bang-on given the likely margin of error when checking a partially carbonated brew. Slightly more cloudy than I’d have expected given the 3 days of cold-crashing and use of Protafloc, will probably clear if lagered for a couple of weeks, but that seems unlikely because the taste is already very moreish despite lacking body. Into the fridge at 15 PSI of CO2 for a couple of days.

Good start: Jackknife Barber’s kegged and partially conditioned, 14 days after brewing.