Jan 202103Sun

Checked in on Wheat Tripel

SG 1.027 22.6℃

I’m still seeing some airlock activity here so it’s probably not ready, but let’s take a reading anyway, since the instructions say to check gravity at 7-10 days and it’s been nine.

There’s still a bit of foam on top but nowhere near what there must have been two days after starting when it was all over the underside of the lid. Gravity is difficult to measure because there’s a lot of fizz, and I’m not confident that my hydrometer isn’t being coated in millions of tiny bubbles as soon as it slows from its spin. In the spirit of progress let’s split the difference between the two readings I just took and call it 1.027. Still, this sample tastes very sweet indeed and there’s a fair bit of airlock activity, so let’s give it another 5 days and check back then.