Jan 202131Sun

Decided to sneak a cheeky 22a in after our Rogan Josh tonight, seeing as there were two 275 ml Heineken bottles that seem to have lost their way between the server room and the garage, ended up in the fridge for 2 days.

The bottle I liberated had no sediment in the neck and only a very small amount in the bottom, which is interesting since being a 275 ml unit it would have been from the end of the bucket when I didn’t thin I’d have enough to fill another of the usual 500 ml bottles.

It may have been the MPA or the Guinness (or the curry) that went before it, but this Orchard Orgy Type 22a was absolutely sublime, and knocked the spots off the Kingstone Press which followed. There’s something about the inclusion of hops which lends a piquant crispness that’s extremely difficult to describe, especially after four beers, two ciders, a curry and a Guy Ritchie fillum. I do hope that the strange deposits I saw in the other bottles aren’t going to pose a problem, because this one’s a corker.