Feb 202402Fri

Started Sarka Light

SG 1.048 33℃ Hornindal kveik OYL-091 started

Pretty good brew day today, must be my second or third run with the new manifold? I wasn’t anticipating any problems but wanted to throw in some rice hulls all the same, this being my first ‘light’ beer seemed like an ideal opportunity to try and get by without stirring. Might have been a tad too much (or not?) but regardless, the mash went well and I was looking at over 90% efficiency. No issues today, solid brew.

Brew Day Notes

0655 Start dough-in

0707 Start 20 minute mash rest

0735 Start mashing. Flowing very freely indeed, can probably use less rice hulls next time.

0855 Mashing complete. Looks like 25.2 litres with malt pipe in place, 1.038 @ 60.4℃ = 1.054. 

0905 Start sparge

0908 Sparge done. Approximately 28 litres without malt pipe (expected 28.86) and 1.023 @ 66℃ = 1.042 against expected 1.037. Pretty good mash efficiency of 90.42% – nice!!

0935 Boil tracker on, 60 minute additions in. 

1020 About to plumb in chiller. Apparent volume 26.2 litres – predicted 26.46, 1.018 @ 84℃ = 1.048 against expected post-boil of 1.040. Indicated volume with chiller in 25 litres exactly. All good so far.

1050 Boil done, chilling for hop-stand.

1052 Start hop stand, 40 minute additions in. 

1135 Hop-stand done, starting chill.

1205 Transfer finished, 20 litres in the Fermzilla @ 1.048. Pitched yeast, deployed red Tilt Pro.

1325 Clean-up finished.