Jul 202326Wed

Kegged 24 litres Bersdorfer II

SG 1.011 1.5℃ kegging wisdom

Kegged 24 litres just now; 19 into a Corny and 5 into an MJ Mini. There’s practically no headspace in those kegs so I think we may have some very slow carbonation, but that’s fine as I plan to condition this one for as long as possible.

I did notice that during cold-crashing the pressure I added via a Sodastream cylinder was very quickly absorbed, which makes me think that I’m still having difficulty sealing those stainless carbonation caps. When prepping the FV ahead of brew day I saw that I overtightened one or two of them and had to re-seat the seal, so perhaps that caused the pressure to drop at the end of fermentation when CO2 was no longer being produced. Odd.

#wisdom: prepare Fermzilla ahead of brew day, leave pressurised long enough to highlight any issues with loss / leaks.