Sep 202223Fri

Gave Geronimo a Swirl


When I dry-hopped this brew 2 days ago I neglected to fit the floating dip-tube, and since we still have 2 days left to run (and the merest suggestion of continued fermentation) I thought I’d tease the lid off, fit the dip-tube, and re-pressurise using canned CO2, hopefully purging any introduced oxygen and increasing the spunding valve to 10 PSI in the process. I also gave the Fermzilla a gentle swirl, because the thick blanket of hops hadn’t moved since I added them. They’re now very well dispersed and it all looks great – will start cold-crashing tomorrow. I wasn’t originally going to do this, but there’s so much hop matter in here now that I really want to drop out as much as I can before sending it to the keg, even if I lose some of that legendary cloudiness.