Dec 202209Fri

Fermentation Restarted

SG 1.008 34℃ fermentation

Throwing in those hops has restarted fermentation and I’ve dialled the spunding valve up to 15 PSI, where it’s hissing gently. This is great; we’re displacing introduced oxygen with CO2 and storing some pressure to prevent suck-in during subsequent cold crashing.

Also good is an apparent correction to the gravity readings. Presumably there was some Krausen buildup on the Tilt which caused it to report a higher value, but de-pressurising the vessel ahead of dry-hopping must have given it a knock and we’re now reading a gravity value that’s much closer to the expected FG. It’s not uncommon to get a bit of a jump from the Tilt when depressurising, so I deleted the most recent two readings as soon as the lid was back on, but the following readings were also at the new value so I’m confident that it’s reporting correctly, at least for ‘light’ beers such as Geronimo.