Jun 202115Tue

Dry-hopped Opshaug Pale

27.0℃ hops

Added 25g each of Falconers Flight and Mosaic via the bottom jar method after lowering the pressure from 15 to 5 PSI and closing the butterfly valve. No real drama here, just a bit fiddly / messy trying to catch all the drips and undo the jar with the strap wrench.

Hops were added to the sanitised jar as well as two small tubes on the inside to direct the CO2 that was used to purge the jar of oxygen via the side-posts once it was refitted. I tried to open the valve as quickly as possible so that the hops would be distributed throughout the brew, and although they did go for a vigorous swim they soon settled back in the bottom of the jar. I’m not happy with this method as I’m sure it’s not giving me the hop utilisation that I could get via another method. Need to experiment at some point.

Pressure is set for 15 PSI again, though to be fair, blasting in the hops took it to just under 10 PSI as some of the carbonation was released. Temperature going up a notch too, now set at 28℃.

The fermentation graph in Brewfather has been decreasing at a steady rate these past few days instead of tailing off, which is interesting. I wonder what’ll happen for the remaining three days?

Opshaug Pale, 7 days into Primary