Dec 202014Mon

Bottled Wherry

SG 1.012 bottling

Bit of a bottling frenzy tonight with both Wherry and Honey Porter decanted into purchased 500ml crown caps. The first few from this batch to hit the bottles produced quite a bit of head as a result of the bottling wand, which left some unwanted space in the top of the bottles. Once the heads had settled I filled this using a funnel and a jug, but I wonder if in doing so I’ve also introduced a bit of oxygen. On a few bottles I went nearly to the top, which may have been a bit much in hindsight. Hope they don’t go pop.

This brew of Wherry resulted in a total of 39 bottles; 17 with 2x Fox’s Carbonation Drops (totalled at 500ml) and 22 bottles with 1x Coopers Carbonation Drop, aimed at 375ml because I ran out of Fox’s. I was going to follow instructions and use half a teaspoon of sugar, but that seemed to be roughly equal in mass to one Coopers drop, so in the interest of laziness I used those.

Bottles are being stored at around 23 ℃ for two days until they go into the garage for conditioning on 17 December, should be ready to sample on New Year’s Eve. ABV is around 4.2% against advertised 4.5% so not too far out.