Jun 202313Tue

A Brew Day with Steffen

SG 1.072 20℃ started

Not much to add on this one, thought I’d have a go at reducing the recipe volume in order to see if the extra working space in my system finally got me closer to hitting my numbers. It did not. That’s pretty disappointing, as for the first time I was able to get a proper “fan-out” during mashing thanks to the addition of rice hulls. OK, I also added them in last time I brewed this recipe, but the sheer mash volume was just too much to do anything. Wonder why I still wasn’t able to release all that locked-in goodness?

On the upside having some company throughout the day was very enjoyable.

Brew Day Notes

0545 Start dough-in

0558 Dough-in finished, start mash rest. Good amount of working room compared to last time, despite volume added by rice hulls. Took a bit of tamping however to start seeing moisture at the very top, for a while I thought it would stay dry up there.

0643 Mash flowing incredibly well. Good fan on the column, levels outside malt pipe steady a couple of inches above dip tube.

0744 Going for mash-out at 75℃, quite a bit of foam on top now. Maybe due to continued use of fan from column, i.e. more splashing?

0750 About to mash. Looks like 29.75 litres, 1.042 @ 64℃ = 1.060.  Was hoping for 1.079 so let’s go for another half an hour and maybe skip the sparge. Shame I’ve already hit 75℃ for mash-out, will cool naturally back to 66℃ and continue.

0825 After mashing for 90 minutes total we’re at 1.046 @ 58 ℃ = 1.061. 29.75 litres. 

0835 Malt pipe raised, dripping. 19.5 litres pre-boil volume.

0950 Just 15 minutes to boil end. 18 litres before cutting in chiller / Trubinator, 16.5 litres afterwards. 1.044 @ 78.5℃ = 1.071, expected 1.090. 19 points low.

1010 Starting chill. OG 1.064 @ 44℃ = 1.072

1155 Clean-up finished.