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Sep 202204Sun

Checked in on my imperial stout just now, and maybe I should have fitted a blow-off tube right from the start, because it seems we’ve had something of an explosion. I’m not sure what caused the airlock to separate into two halves and explode toward the top of my fermentation fridge, but I was half expecting to find a dent in the ceiling.

Replacing the stricken part with a taller type of airlock caused that one to fill up immediately as well, so I did what I should have done yesterday and fit a blow-off tube filled with sanitiser. Let’s hope this one doesn’t erupt.

Yeti performing into the blow-off tube / bottle

#wisdom: Air-locks are for beginners, just use a blow-off tube from the start.

* the original brew day was delayed 24 hours by a ‘gastric episode’ which may or may not have been related to rare duck.