Jun 202115Tue

Tried a Bottled Yeti


Having given one of these to Chris @ Bottle Monkey last week I wanted to try another one, just to see how much different it is from the draught version. 14 days of conditioning doesn’t sound like a lot for such a big beer and I was worried I’ve given away a dud, but thankfully all the flavour is there, as is the nose, and without any twang. The only downside is that there doesn’t seem to be the same level of carbonation. It’s not totally flat, and probably OK for a stout, but there’s just no head as you pour right until the very end, at which point you get a very thick slick of bubbles that barely covers the surface. Compare that to the velvety hat of creamy goodness you’ll find on the draught version and it appears to be a very different beer, even if they’re almost identical (below the surface) once left to settle. Maybe try for more carbonation next time?