Dec 202123Thu

Started Cold-crashing Maris

SG 1.004 18.8℃ cold-crashing

Been three days since I dry-hopped this one, time to see if we can clear things up a bit. Interestingly enough the SG has gone up to 1.006 from 1.004 according to Tilt, but I’m not concerned by the ‘loss’ in ABV as measured via this method. Pressure right now reads 14 PSI on the spunding valve so I’ll be curious to see what it drops to – guessing around 5 PSI over 5 days. Inkbird now set for 1℃, fridge humming contentedly.

Later …

It took almost exactly 24 hours to drop the temperature from 18.8℃ to 1.0℃, during which time we also went from 14 to 6 PSI. Good to know.