Mar 202121Sun

I started this keg at 30 PSI three days ago, and when I checked the pressure just now it was down to just under 10. I’m putting this down to there not being a great deal of head-space in the keg and to it not being connected up to anything in that time.

The beer tasted OK. Not fantastic but certainly not bad; reasonable amount of bitterness and a good whiff of hops, but not as strong in the citrus department as I’d have liked. Clarity also was a little way behind where it should have been given the period spent cold-crashing (and subsequently carbonating at the same temperature) but then again this was the first pour from that keg so there may have been some deposits in there.

It did seem a little bit flat, so I upped the pressure again to 30 PSI now that there’s another pint of head space, will check back in a couple of days.