Jan 202126Tue

Opened one of these as an end-of-evening drink the other night, and it’s OK. Not great in the same way that a sweet perry or cider would have been, but not terrible either. Carbonation was spot-on and there was a hint of alcohol, though nowhere near the 6.5% that’s actually in there.

The only real detractor was the same, slightly synthetic, syrupy finish that was also present in the combined ingredients, which took some of the joy and depth out of what I was hoping to be a fantastic outcome. Then again, it’s probably a matter of crap in, crap out: 5 litres of cheap sugary gluff from the supermarket isn’t going to transform into a hipster’s elixir, no matter how much yeast and sugar you add.

I’d like to repeat this mix one way with real fruit ingredients and maybe a more considered choice of yeast, until then it’s probably going to stay in the garage until we need a novelty beverage to put out a summer BBQ.