Nov 202021Sat

Still bubbling. Bottle soon?

SG 1.009

This is starting to feel like a broken record, but Evil Dog and Cwtch are in the same boat: long overdue for bottling (according to instructions) but still bubbling along slowly, marginal improvements in gravity along the way.

Where Evil Dog is concerned this means SG is at 1.009 now, giving 7.35% against an initial OG of 1.065. That’s pretty good but I’m worried that there’s still some bobbling going on, a short pop ever couple of minutes. Will this lead to bottles exploding?

In terms of taste this brew is shaping up nicely; definitely alcoholic head and some carbonation evident when trying to measure gravity, but also quite sweet still. Perhaps that sweetness will mellow out when carbonated and chilled. Perhaps it’ll keep building. Who knows. We’ve only reduced 0.002 in six days so maybe it’s time to stuff this into bottles and hope that any residual bubbles will aid carbonation and nothing more.