Nov 202022Sun

Started Honey Porter

SG 1.045 instructions started

Been meaning to kick this one off for a while now but the brewery is slightly higher in temperature than this (and Wherry’s) preferred range of 18-20 ℃, so in the end I decided to keep it in the office. Initial ingredients:

  • 3 kg malt extract
  • Small sachet (10 g ?) Goldings Hop Powder
  • Small sachet (10g ?) 69 Yeast Premium
  • Water to 22.5 litre mark

Usual story of emptying the cans into the bucket, adding hot water, and mixing before topping up with cold. I added the hop powder halfway through topping up with cold, getting it nicely mixed into the brew.

Although the instructions didn’t say anything about letting it cool before adding the yeast, I allowed it to get just below 25 ℃ before pitching. OG = 1.045.