Nov 202127Sat

Started Cold-Crashing Yeti

19.1℃ cold-crashing

2021-11 Yeti, 9 days into Primary

This brew isn’t going anywhere else so I’m going to start crashing it now in order to be ready to keg before we go away on the 2nd, which frees up the fridge for one of the ciders – probably Allotment Riot.

It’s interesting to see a drop in temperature and then a spike over the last day or so. I think this is due to the brewery getting unnaturally cold due to some very high winds and the ventilation slit above the window being open. Room temperature is currently 13℃ and it’s been as low as 11, so I think what we’re seeing here is actually the inside of the fridge dropping low enough to engage the heater. Crazy weather!