Feb 202215Tue

Smashing Update

SG 1.013 20.4℃ fermentation

4 days into Primary

High Krausen has been and is starting to recede now, but there’s still a covering of good, thick foam across the top of this brew.

What’s really interesting is the nice, bright hue that this beer is taking on – it’s changed remarkably since fermentation started about 12 hours after pitching, and seems to be getting a shade lighter with each passing day.

Inside there’s the usual turmoil of suspended funk, though we’ve not got as much settlement in the collection jar as I’d expect – no bad thing. This bodes well for when I need to double dry-hop in five days time, and I’m thinking of leaving the pressure up at 12 PSI and just removing the collection jar with the butterfly valve closed. My thoughts here are that I won’t subject the Tilt Pro to successive pressure changes (not that it’s ever complained before, but still) and I’ll minimise oxygen ingress since I can flush and re-pressurise the collection jar once I’ve added the hops. Need to think about using this approach some more in the coming days.