Mar 202103Wed

Pressure Drop, Sneaky Peek


I pumped Bure Gold to 13 PSI last night for good measure, and in 24 hours the keg has gone down to 11 PSI. I don’t know if that’s due to liquid contraction, carbonation, or a leak. I do know that I want to sample a glass – just to clear any settlement from the dip tube you understand – and in order to save on having to reconnect the main gas tank I thought I’d give the mobile regulator a go.

What use is relying on these things when they’re untested? At least that’s what I though as I screwed a 16g CO2 cartridge into the Mangrove Jack’s portable. The dial works the same as a full-size regulator (clockwise to add pressure) but it’s a bit more fiddly and dialling it to 10 PSI didn’t take as many degrees of movement as its bigger brother.

The beer was dispensed with my stainless beer gun, which I’m going to leave connected for as long as this brew is in the fridge. Of course I need to have a couple more pints in order to figure out if the haziness is due to settlement or something I’ve introduced, but until I need the fridge for cold-crashing I may as well save on sanitiser and leave the dispenser rigged.

Oh, and taste? Almost forgot! Very good indeed; minimal malt and a reasonable amount of crispness, a raw nose of hops which will probably condition out, if it isn’t in fact due to sediment on this first pull. In other words: good, and will only get better.