May 202215Sun

Prepared Starter

18℃ US-05 yeast

This particular beer is going to be very light so I’m using up half a pack of US-05 that’s been hanging around from a previous brew, letting it spin for 24 hours in 79g of DME and 800 ml of water, then letting it sit static for another 24 hours, so 2 days in total before pitching.

Spin Control: 800 ml of US-05 in the chiller, USB powered stir plate

The Power of USB

It’s been fairly warm in the house over the past week and I can’t really find a cool spot for my starter, so I’m putting it into the fermentation fridge at 18℃. This yeast is supposedly happy at 12 – 25℃ and I’m pointing it at 18 since we’re building it over two days.

Oh, the USB? I don’t want to run a lead into the fridge via the door (and risk deforming the magnetic seal) and the drain hole is already taken up by the leads for Inkbird’s sensor and heat pad, so I thought I’d try running the stir plate using a USB power bank instead of mains power. Seems to be doing the job very nicely; I’ve probably used about 25% of the Anker’s total reserves in the course of 21 hours, so I’m not at all worried about it running out.