May 202124Mon

Bottled Bure Gold

SG 1.009 21.7℃ bottling

Put away 41 gold crown-capped 500 ml bottles this afternoon. I was going to use the Beer Gun again but the plastic FV doesn’t have a spigot, and the racking cane wouldn’t fit onto the gun. Instead I used the cane with usual bottling rod and purged the bottles before and after with CO2, so perhaps the results will be as good as the Beer Gun anyway. I’m quite happy with the layout of this bottling station now; priming, filling, and capping six at a time seems to be a good number.

Gravity was measured at 1.010 / 14℃ which equates to 1.009 and 4.6% ABV. Happy with that. Carbonation via 5 ml Dextrose per bottle, off to the server room for a week at around 25℃.