Mar 202107Sun

Not much movement on Second Blonde

SG 1.017 18.5℃

SG hasn’t moved much at all in the past two days, maybe a point but really hard to tell so I’m recording it as 1.017 still. I’ve had Bag-Thing connected for 24 hours straight and it’s not trapped much CO2, maybe 50% capacity, so I’m wondering if things are slowing up and I’ll possibly never make the predicted OG of 1.011.

Then again, there’s still that yeasty, slimy suspension in the sample jar so maybe I’ve not left enough nutrients for the yeast to do it’s work? This time around I’m fermenting at the lower end of the yeast’s recommended range (16 – 25 ℃) and it’s possible that more time is needed, but I’ve been at roughly this temperature the whole fermentation period and it’s unusual to not have moved in 2 days when it’s dropped 26 points in the previous two.

Oh well, gonna dump those hops tomorrow and then bottle. I’m still not sure of the most oxygen-free way of doing this, will need to give it some thought between now and then.