Nov 202009Mon

Not Bottling Yet

SG 1.011

Airlock still popping slowly, maybe every 3 or 4 minutes. Was supposed to be bottling 3 days ago, so I took a reading today with a hopeful view to bottling in 2 days, 11 November. SG right now is 1.011 and there’s an impressive film of green hops on the brew. Tasted just lovely but could do with some more carbonation and a little chilling. Instructions do say to have SG stable for 2 days before bottling, and since they also say to add priming sugar I’m inclined to let the sugar add the fizz and have the brew completely stable, even if it takes a few days extra. Anyway, SG 1.011 now translates to 5.38% against a claimed value of 5.7% so I’m happy for the Manx water to do its thing a little longer.