May 202102Sun

Moved Wherry out of the Fermentation Fridge


This one’s been chugging along nicely but I need the fridge in order to cold-crash Thirst Scratch, so seeing as the brewery is hovering around 18 ℃ anyway I may as well move Wherry out into ambient and control her temperature via the tried and trusted window method. Tilt reports the gravity as being 1.007 right now but I need to take that with a large pinch of salt as Tilt’s OG was 1.032 while my manual hydrometer put it at 1.045. Applying the same 13 point offset to today’s Tilt reading and we’re probably nearer 1.020 which is 6 points above finished.

Where visuals are concerned there’s still some occasional airlock activity but not as much as there has been these past couple of days inside the brew fridge, which was bouncing between 18 and 20 ℃ until I reduced the thresholds from 2 to 1 ℃, switching the fridge on as soon as it hit 19 ℃ (instead of 20) to get it back to the target 18. Exciting [yawn] stuff, eh?

Wherry, 5 days into Primary