Mar 202125Thu

Krausen Clearing

SG 1.010 20.6℃ krausen

It appears as though fermentation is slowing down here. Last night there was a visible reduction in the thickness of Krausen and the Tilt gravity data had flattened out over the past couple of days to the point where I thought it would stop at 90%, but this morning it’s dropped another couple of points and is now sitting at 98% done, or 5.3% ABV.

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Being able to visualised this data is amazing, as is being able to see inside the Fermzilla. Krausen has now receded to a point where there’s a clearing in the middle, and there are a couple of millimetres of clear wort just beneath the surface which look similar to the clear-ish wort that was seen in the kettle after boiling. I reckon the finings are responsible in both cases.

Also amazing is the remarkable change in colour since starting this brew, which is now much lighter and has taken on a nutty hue, a bit like milky toffee. The deposits from the lower slopes of the conical have slipped into the collection jar, which is now full past the visible brim and probably past the butterfly valve. Should be useful when the time comes to remove this in order to dry-hop, but I’m going to give the yeast a chance to clean up after itself first.

Speaking of which, dry-hopping is planned for 3 days from now, and given we’re now at 98% with so much progress in the past 2 days I don’t think that’s unrealistic at all. The recipe I’m following doesn’t specify pressure fermentation, so I wonder how far we’d be along at 0 PSI?