Mar 202102Tue

Kegged Bure Gold

4.0℃ kegging

I just kegged my first ever brew!! Everything went very smoothly and exactly as planned, so I’m now going to leave it alone for a week or two in order to settle down. There are around 17 litres in a 19 litre Cornelius keg, stashed in my new brew fridge which has become available since I’m no longer cold-crashing.

I’m not really sure what to do in terms of carbonation pressure. The dregs I sampled at the end of today’s fun and games was pretty much spot-on and that’s after a week or so at 10 PSI, so I don’t think I need to give it much more. I’ll pump it up to 12 PSI once the keg has acclimatised just in case there’s a slow leak somewhere. There’s no gas inside the fridge since chilling a cylinder seems wrong and I’ve not explored the drain hole method (ooh-err) though I’m leaving the spunding valve & gauge connected so that I can check on the pressure just by opening the door. If there is any drop in pressure I’ll remove the spunding valve and will rig the gauge straight to the disconnect, if it drops after that I’ll take everything off and will just leave the keg to it, checking in a day later.

Norfolk meets the East Coast