Jun 202124Thu

Kegged Bure Gold (Opshaug)

SG 1.009 221℃ kegging

Both my 19 litre kegs are in use, so I’m putting this away as best I can; 1 x 5 litre MJ Mini, 1 x 10 litre MJ Mini, 6 x 500 ml yellow crown cap bottles. The 10 litre keg is going straight into the kegerator at 15 PSI serving pressure and should be carbonated in about a week. I don’t have a spare line for the 5 litre keg, so I’m cranking it to 35 PSI and sticking it in our main fridge, complete with pressure gauge to let me know when it needs more gas.

The excess beer from this operation went into 6 x 500 ml standard crown caps along with 5 ml of dextrose, and now they’re in the server room for about a week. FG looks like 1.009, which means that this, my third incarnation of Bure Gold, comes in at 5.0% ABV – quite a bit above the standard 4.2% with included yeast as per my previous two brews. Can’t wait to see if there’s any difference in taste.