Jul 202223Sat

Kegged 22 litres


I was extra diligent at avoiding DO contamination today and flushed the 19 litre Cornelius keg with ChemSan and CO2, purged the gas transfer line with CO2, and purged the beer transfer line with beer from the FV. Half a crushed Campden tablet was also added to the 19 litre keg in order to cut down any oxidation.

The 19 litre keg was filled to around 18.5 litres, and another 5 litre keg (not purged with CO2) was filled to just over 2 litres. That second one will be my testbed to see how the carbonation gets along, and I’ve hooked them both up to pure CO2 at 15 PSI. Will check back soon to see how we’re getting along.