Dec 202213Tue

Kegged 18 Litres Geronimo

SG 1.010 1.2℃ kegging

Quite a bit of hop debris this time and also a crazy amount of spent yeast, given that I only pitched half a packet. At any rate, the collection jar was solid with grey gunk and the sides of the FV were covered in green, so I guess the cold-crashing worked on both counts.

Transfer was into fully purged keg using purged lines for gravity-fed closed loop. The filter on the floating dip-tube worked OK but I’m going to move the weight onto the end of the filter housing, and maybe shorten the tube a little so that it doesn’t snag on the sides near the bottom, Realistically there wasn’t much left behind in the FV amongst all that trub, but I did have to coax the dip tube along towards the end by tilting the vessel.