Mar 202321Tue

Kegged 19 litres Geronimo IV

SG 1.014 8.4℃ kegging

Usual method of purging sanitiser filled keg with CO2, carefully throwing in half a crushed Campden tablet, then purging some more. Didn’t bother doing the lines this time, and got pretty much one full Corny keg out of it with not much left behind but hops and trub. Brewhouse efficiency is down a bit as a result of 2 litres lost post-fermenter, but I’m happy with the filled keg, especially as any more would have seen me dirtying another vessel for the sake of one or two pints. Gravity is 1.014 versus expected 1.012, equating to about 6.6% ABV instead of expected 6.9%. No complaints from me!