Nov 202028Sat

First taste of Cwtch!


Decided to open a test bottle of Cwtch this evening on my way between Okell’s MPA and Guinness West Indies Porter, despite it having been in the garage at 7-9 ℃ for just eight days. What’s the worst that can happen?

Not much, apparently. It’s perfectly clear already, and there was a slight schnick as I popped the cap, so some carbonation has clearly taken place, but I was expecting a little more from bottle #34 with 2 Fox’s drops aimed at 500 ml. Can’t see the yeast doing much at those low temperatures though, so unless I bring her indoors it’s probably not going to get more fizz. Could be interesting if I have to move bottles about in future.

In terms of taste there were some lovely blackberry notes and a very slight smokiness, like roasted chestnut ice cream. No, I can’t explain that either, but it’s lovely. It’s also a little sweet and, dare I say it, unrefined, but not enough to distract from making a very enjoyable pint. Another couple of weeks and this will be excellent session material, though I do wonder if it needs a week somewhere warm in order for the yeast to do its thing.

Overall a very pleasant experience, given the short amount of time since I started this one.